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About Marcelino

Born and raised in Manila, they started their professional studies in dance at Steps Dance Studio Philippines. And in 2008, they made it to the finals of the Prix de Lausanne competition that garnered them a scholarship to study in School of the Hamburg Ballet. They have danced numerous solo and principal roles with the Hamburg Ballet and was a member of the company from 2010-2021. Since August 2021 to present, they joined the Leipzig Ballet as a soloist and has worked with various internationally acclaimed choreographers such as Mario Schröder, Maguy Marin, and Edward Clug. They are a huge advocate in helping others and has done many charitable works through House of Brownies projects and Stepping Forward — which is a project they founded in 2017 that focuses on choreography, dance films, dance workshops ; all in favor to raising awareness or support to those in need.

More Of Marcelino

Contact Marcelino via e-Mail or check out their socials for more of content below.

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